Welcome to Woods Life®. To us, Woods Life® is a way to stay in touch with what we love through what we wear while we go through our everyday lives. To be out in the woods says it all. Whether you’re camping out, hunting or fishing with family and friends, or just walking the fields with your dog, being outdoors is who you are.

Woods Life® lives for these moments and expresses it in the casual wear we create. Wear your Woods Life® for the memories you have and for the memories you’re gonna make.

Woods Life – Featured Artist

Cole Johnson


Woods Life, LLC is proud to have Cole Johnson as its featured artist. His images created with powdered graphite and an abundance of talent transforms the creatures of the woods to print.

Growing up in the remote areas of upstate New York, Cole grew a great appreciation of the outdoors, where he still lives to this day with his wife and daughter. Spending countless hours outdoors studying his subjects, like the whitetail deer and turkey, has given Cole the ability to capture their presence on film and reference those images to his drawing board. Through the combination of sketching and powdered graphite his art achieves its tonal value and softness. The use of erasers allows Cole to bring depth and light to his finished product.

Cole exhibits his work through many fine art galleries located across the United States and he has been asked to participate in many prestigious art exhibits sponsored by museums like the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. He makes his way annually to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina and he has been inducted into The Society of Animal Artists. He has done numerous commissioned pieces for clients such as the National Rifle Association and donated works for the Wounded Warriors.

An artist with the talent and character of Cole Johnson is important to the culture of the outdoorsman. His responsibility to his craft and his love of the outdoors is expressed in every work he creates and will be looked upon and admired for generations to come.

J. Todd Marcum
President, WOODS LIFE, LLC

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